Prism Gas Detection Pvt. Ltd.
Prism Gas Detection Pvt. Ltd.


Toxic Gas Detectors (XS-2200)

  • can be used continuously for 5000 hours.
  • Available with loud buzzer, alarm lamp from 4 dimensions, peak hold function.
  • Available with TWA (Time Weighted Average) gas concentration display, memory of peak value and peak hold function
  • Thin lightweight design
  • Available with gas calibration kit (Optional).


Model XS-2200
Gas Detected Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)
Detection Principle Electrochemical cell
Sampling Method Diffusion
Detection Range (Service Range) 0-30.0ppm (30.1-100ppm)
Resolution 0-35.0ppm : 0.1ppm
35-100ppm : 5ppm
Indication Accuracy *1 Within± 0.5ppm ± 1digit
Alarm Set Value 1st stage
/t2nd stage
Response Time *2 30s or less
Display Mode LCD (Manual backlight)
Alarm Mode Buzzer sounds, flashing red light, vibrator
Functions Remaining battery level, peak hold, memory of peak value alarm functions except gas alarm ( sensor malfunction, remaining battery level, air adjustment malfunction )
Operation Temperature -10o to 40o C, 30-85% RH (non-condensing)
Operating Air Pressure Air pressure ±10%
Power Source 1 X AAA alkaline dry cell
Battery Life *3 Up to 5,000 hours (at 20ºC with less than 5ppm)
Dimensions W65 X D22 X H64mm (excluding protrusions)
Weight approx. 75g (including battery)
Standard Accessories 1 x AAA alkaline dry cell, 1 X safety pin adaptor (with fixing screw)
  • Under identical measurement conditions
  • Assuming 90% response and operating at 20 +2oC.
  • Battery life may vary with ambient conditions, conditions of use, storage of period, battery manufactures etc.