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Toxic Gas Detectors (XPS-7)

  • Detect a range of gases with a single gas detector by exchanging the sensor unit
  • Cassette-type sensor units eliminate the need for gas detector adjustment.

List of Detected Gases

Type Gas Full Scale
XDS-7NH NH3 100 ppm
XDS-7SH SiH4 25 ppm
XDS-7DC SiH2CL2 25 ppm
XDS-7AH AoH3 250 ppb
XDS-7PH PH3 1ppm
XDS-7BH B2He 500ppb
XDS-7SE H2So 250ppb
XDS-7GH GeH4 1ppm
XDS-7CL Cl2 5ppm
XDS-7CF ClF3 1ppm
XDS-7HC HCl 25ppm
XDS-7HF HF 10ppm
XDS-7HB HBr 10ppm
XDS-7NO NO 100ppm
XDS-7HS H2B 50ppm
XDS-7CO CO 250ppm
XDS-7DS Bi2H2 25ppm
XDS-7F2 F2 5ppm
XDS-7OZ O3 1ppm


Model XPS-7
Detection Principle Electrochemical cell
Gas Detected Semiconductor manufacturing gases
Gas Sampling Method Extractive
Detection Range Depends on the specific action
Resolution 1/100 of full scale
Indication Accuracy 10% of full scale
Alarm Mode 2nd stage alarm type
Alarm Indication Intermittent buzzer, flashing lamp
Response Time 60 or less (60% response)
Operating Temperature 0 to 40oC
Power Source 4 x AA Alkaline dry cells(*2) or an AC adaptor
Battery Life (*2) Up to 12 hours (by alkaline dry cells at 20oC without alarm)
Dimensions W 62 x H 150 x D 128 mm (excluding protrusions)
Weight Approx. 1.3 kg
Standard Accessories Gas sampling hose with probe, Shoulder strap, 4 X AA alkaline dry cells, Spare filters
Optional Accessories AC adaptor (100 VAC/B VDC), Sensor Stocker, Log data collection kit
  • Under identical measurement conditions
  • Battery life may vary with ambient conditions, conditions of use, storage of period, battery manufactures etc.