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Prism Gas Detection Pvt. Ltd.


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Toxic Gas Detectors (XP-703D)

  • Best suited for detecting trace leaks of semiconductor manufacturing gases.
  • Detects gas leaks and alerts you by lamp and buzzer.


Model Xp-703D
Detection Principle Hot wire semiconductor
Sampling Method Extractive
Gas Detected Semiconductor manufacturing gases (arsine, phosphine, diborane, silane, etc.)
Minimum detectable Leak rate
Minimum Detectable Concentration
arsinr/t phosphine/t diborane/t silane/t hydrogen
1.0 X 10-7/t1.5 X 10-7/t0.5 X 10-7/t2.5 X 10-7/t5 X 10-7 Ps M3/s
Response Time 10 or less
Detection Indication Intermittent buzzer and flashing lamp
Power Source 4 X AA (R6) manganese dry cells
Battery Life Up to 9 hours by alkaline dry cells (Up to 3 hours by manganese dry cells)
Operating temperature 0 to 40oC
Dimensions W89 x H155 x D32mm
Weight Approx. 400g
Standard Accessories Soft case, Probe with filter/ moisture trap, Check gas, Standard attachment, 4 X AA (R8) manganese dry cells, Spare filters
Optional Accessories Earphone