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Prism Gas Detection Pvt. Ltd.
Prism Gas Detection Pvt. Ltd.


Toxic Gas Detectors (Micro IV)


  • Extremely lightweight and small
  • Ultra bright alarm lights and loud audible alarm
  • Smart sensor technology
  • EEX Ib IIC T6/T5
  • Recording event data, TWA and STEL values in data logger
  • Infrared interface for data transfer to the docking station
  • Upto 9 months continuous operation with one AA-Battery

Micro IV - With docking station for quickest calibration, function test and data transfer to a PC

The Micro IV is the state of the art derivative of the well known single gas detector MICRO III. Besides its simple operation and reliable warning the flexible device convinces because of its large memory, an IR interface and the revolutionary docking station.

The event memory saves all important data

  • When was alarm triggered? (time)
  • Which alarm was triggered? (A1, A2, A3 TWA, STEL value)
  • Which gas concentration was present?


The MICRO IV docking station is a trendsetting device management system, which enormously reduces cost of ownership and duration of the calibration. The docking station checks the acoustic and optical alarm functions, device errors, alarm thresholds and response times of the MICRO IV. The bump-test comprises


  • Response time t90
  • Alarm thresholds
  • Alarms (optical and acoustic)
  • Device software
  • Device and software identification
  • Device errors


Up to 6 MICRO IV can be checked for utilizability (bump-test)and be calibrated simultaneously.

Simplest operation
The docking station reduces the daily time involved for calibration and function test (bump test) dramatically. Already few calibrations and function checks annually reduce the cost of ownership considerably.

The uncomplicated and quick operation in connection with the self-describing traffic lights signals prevent from user mistakes. Due to the compact size the station can be placed almost everywhere without an y problems. No further modules or master stations are necessary.

Sampling pump
An electrical high-performance pump will take samples of gases from mines or tanks. The pump replaces the battery cover and is a fixed part of the instrument with its own power supply. The operation of the pump will have no influence on the operation time.


  • Slide on pump
  • For up to 8 hours continous operation
  • Extremely powerful
  • Power Supply 2 batteries AA 1.5V.
  • Operation One button for turning on and off.
  • Weight 97 g.
  • EC type approval
  • Telescopic probe
  • Float probe
  • Special sampling line 3 m .


Type Toxic Gas Detector
Material ABS Plastic
Certification CE Certified
Color Silver
Feature Accuracy, Alarm System, Easy To Use, Eco Friendly, Rechargeable
Usage Gas Detecting, Industrial Use, Pharmaceuticals Use
Display Type Analog
Power Source Battery
Warranty 1Year

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