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Prism Gas Detection Pvt. Ltd.
Prism Gas Detection Pvt. Ltd.


Sensor Gas Chromatograph

The company is one of the major Manufacturers and Suppliers of Sensor Gas Chromatograph in Mumbai. The Sensor Gas Chromatograph or SGC, offered by the company, makes use of the short columns and gas sensors to provide quick gas separation as well as super gas sensitivity. The Sensor Gas Chromatograph comes with standard software that can display the results promptly on the attached computers through chromatography charts and gas concentration display. As an optional feature the continuous measurement display is also available.

Highlights of Sensor Gas Chromatograph

  • Easy operation
  • Small size (B4 Size)
  • Super sensitivity
  • Accurate measurement of quite small amounts of gas
  • Extremely sensitive semiconductor gas sensor used as detector to measure PPB
  • Short time measurement
  • Measurement starts as soon as the sample gas is injected
  • Measurement completed automatically in 4 or 8 minutes
  • No carrier gas cylinder required
  • Uses ambient air as carrier gas (Note : Some models need the cylinder.)
  • Light weight and portable
  • Weight : 5.5 kg
  • Does not require a limited installation site
  • Original technology with a short length column
  • Continuous measurement through automatic gas injector possible by setting total measurement duration time or total measurement times (Optional Feature)

Applications Of Sensor Gas Chromatograph

  • Can be used to detect very small gas in various fields
  • Factory environment measurement
  • Environmental measurement inside and outside a factory
  • Malodor processing ability check
  • Garbage released odor control
  • Odor prevention in the neighborhood
  • Deodorizer performance evaluation
  • Performance and deterioration evaluation for deodorizers
  • Quality control and freshness check in food processing process
  • Very small amount gas analysis in R&D of environmental, medical, and micro-organism fields
  • Real time data viewing with attached software

Customization Options For Sensor Gas Chromatograph

  • With high purity air cylinder as carrier gas, if the ambient air around is polluted
  • Automatic gas injection and continuous measurement by automatic sampling function
  • For measuring other gases apart from the currently available gases


Frequency 50Hz
Warranty 2yrs
Ambient temperature 0-100deg C
Dimensions 28*30*18 Cm
Application Industrial Use, laboratory Use
Output Signal 4-20mA
Accuracy +/-2%.

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