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Oxygen Monitors (XP 3180)

  • Extractive type oxygen concentration indicator.
  • Convenient for measuring oxygen concentration in containers where sampling is difficult.


Model XP-3180
Gas Detected Oxygen
Detection Principle Galvanic Cell
Sampling Method Extractive
Detection Range 0 - 25.0 vol%
Indication Accuracy
(Under identical Conditions)
+0.3vol% (Compliant with JIS T 8201)
Alarm Set Value 18.0vol%
Display LCD digital (with backlight)
Digital display
Digital bar display
Alarm Indication Gas Alarm; Intermittent Buzzer, Red lamp Flashing
Trouble Alarn; Buzzer, Red lamp flashing, LCD display
Explosion-Proof Structure Exib II BT3
Operating Temperature -10o to 40oC
Power Source 4 x AA Alkaline dry cells
Battery Life*1 Up to 100 hours
Dimensions W 82 x H 162 x D36 mm
Weight Approx. 450 g (160z.) (excluding batteries)
Standard Accessories Soft case, 4 x AA alkaline dry cells, Gas sampling hose (1 m), Probe with filter/moisture trap, spare filters
Optional Accessories 2-30m gas sampling hose, Gas diluation probe, Data download software (CD ROM software and USB cable)
  • Battery life may vary with ambient conditions, conditions of use, storage period, battery manufactures etc.