Prism Gas Detection Pvt. Ltd.
Prism Gas Detection Pvt. Ltd.


Online Gas Detection System (V- 810)

This system has a wall mount case incorporating indicator units and an alarm unit of the V Series/V2 Series

  • V-810 gas detector is compact system of well(panel) mount type with combines indicator units, an alarm unit, and various gas detector heads of the V series
  • Detectors combustible gases, toxic semiconductor manufacturing gases, and oxygen(oxygen deficiency) and gives an alarm signal when the gas concentration goes over a set value (or under a set value for oxygen deficiency), so as to prevent disasters such as gas explosion, poisoning and oxygen deficiency
  • VB- 810 incorporates a backup power supply unit

  • Compact design.
  • Standard cases for 3/6/9/12/15/18/21 points are available
  • Wide variety of input power sources
  • Can be equipped with a Zener barrier
  • 2-stage alarm is also available
  • Combination of the V series/V2 series unit allow detection of and alarm for various gases


Item / Model V-810
Gas Detected and Detection Range As per specification
Gas Concentration Indication LCD bar-graph level meter
Alarm Set Volume Adjustable within the detection range(Except hexane for which 0.5ml is the alarm set value)
Alarm Accuracy Combustible gas:+25% of an alarm Set Value Toxic gas: +30% of an Alarm Set Value Oxygen: +1.0vol% of an Alarm Set Value(Conforms to JIS T 820)
Alarm Indication
  • Gas Leakage Alarm
  • Trouble Alarm
Indicator Unit
  • Alarm lamp(red) flashes* (Lights up after Reset)
  • Power lamp (green) goes out (Automatic recovery)
Alarm unit
  • Lights up red and buzzer sounds intermittently on alarm from at least one indicator unit (Buzzer stops after Reset)
  • Lights up red and buzzer sounds continuously on trouble at least one indicator unit (Buzzer stops after Reset)
*Self -holding type is standard for the alarm indicator of the indicator units and the alarm units. (Automatic recovery type is also available.)
Contact Output Indicator unit (individual alarm): 1st stage(1a), 2nd stage(1a), 1 A@ 100V Ac (resistance load)
Alarm unit (collective alarm): Alarm 1(1c), Alarm 2(1c),1A@100V AC (resistance load), Trouble (1a), Buzzer (1a)
External Output *1 4-20mA, 0-10mV,1-5V (option), RS-232C output (option)
Operating Temperature Range -10oC to 40oC
Power Source 100-110V AC+10%, 200/220V AC+10%, 24V DC+10%
Power Consumption Diffusion type: (25+5n)VA, suction type: (25+10n)VA (n is the number of detection points)
  • green lamp flashes for 30 s upon energization
  • Alarm delay (option)
  • Linearization (option)
  • Loe flow alarm (option for V2 series)

*1 V2 series are not capable of 0-10mV output.