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Online Gas Detection System (SA-150)

We offer SA 150, which can be used to detect various types of combustible and toxic gases.

SA 150 is a quality multi-gas detection system, which can be used to detect and measure various gases, including - CO, H2S, C2H4O, COCl2, NH3, COCl2, NO, SiH4, SO2, and more. SA 150 comes in three different specifications, i.e. - with a built in internal buzzer, with a built in external buzzer and with a remote buzzer. The system comes complete with all essential components of a gas detection system, such as - gas sensor, electronic amplifier, alarm unit, visual alarm indicator and audio alarm annunciator.

  • ompact size
  • Lightweight (900 gms)
  • Power supply - 230 V AC
  • User friendly
  • Low maintenance cost


Target Gas 150 Gases such as LPG, CNG, Natural Gas, Ammonia, Chlorine, H2S, O2, Ozone etc.
Pilot Lamp Green LED, if OFF it indicates either power failure or the unit is in-operational.
Alarm Lamp RED, LED, if on it indicates that the gas concentration has exceeded the alarm set value
Alarm Set Limit Fraction TLV and LEL
Warm-up time Each unit, based on sensor used has a time delay after power up during which the unit warms up to stable condition. The unit can not detect the gas concentration properly during this time. Power down storage duration and storage conditions also affect the warm up time. This time can vary from few minutes to several hours.
Audio Alarm When the gas concentration exceeds the set limit and alarm lamp is ON, the audio alarm is sounded. Some units are provided with a time delay (factory set) for the audio to be operational. This filters short duration gas leaks and false alarms. This delay is generally set below 30 sec.
Response Time Each sensor has a response time for which the gas must be present to get detected by the sensor.
Power Supply Generally all these units work on AC 230 V 10%, 50 Hz
Mounting Style Wall or Panel Directly. Other methods through accessories
Digital Display Some models are provided the large LCD display which continuously shows, the gas concentration as sensed by the sensor `
Size 200 mm x 120 mm x 80 mm
Weight <900 gms