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Prism Gas Detection Pvt. Ltd.
Prism Gas Detection Pvt. Ltd.


Online Gas Detection System (MG-4000)


  • Microcontroller, SMD components
  • Three Alarms AL1, AL2, AL3
  • 5 LED states Indications Viz : Pilot, AL1, AL2, AL3, Fault
  • 3 Digit LED Display : Resolution - 0.1%
  • 1 Digit for Ch No.
  • 3 relay O/Ps : AL1, AL2, Fault
  • Built in Audio Buzzer
  • AL1 Non Latching, AL2 & AL3 Latching
  • Test and Reset Operation controls
  • Compact IP65 Weatherproof Enclosure
  • Local Sensor version - Single Unit  1 Ch Monitor
  • Remote Sensor : Upto 500mtrs
  • Universal Input Supply : 100-250VAC, 50-60Hz
  • User specified range : ppm, %Vol., % LEL
  • In-built hysteresis : no false alarms or jittering


Compact Area Monitors
mG-4000 monitors are compact detection instruments that accurately measure combustible gases, toxic gases and oxygen levels. Three Alarms, in-built hysteresis, universal power input, variety of Audio-visual alarm devices, 3 digit LED display, 1 digit Ch. No. display, variable ranges  LEL, Vol., ppmall these make this Monitor a power house of gas monitoring systems.

Simple and effective
The unit accurately displays measured gas concentration on a large 3 digit LED display. Compact and simple design facilitates easy doit- yourself type installation. Pre-calibrated Sensors allow direct commissioning without need of skilled manpower. Monitor is equipped with onboard relays for three alarm points. It also has one sensor fault relay output. These relays can be used to drive
external devices like strobes, fans, voice alarms, auto-dialers, etc.


Type Gas Detection Systems
Material Aluminium
Color Multi Colour
Voltage 0-12VDC, 12-18VDC
Finishing Polished
Power 100-200W
Features Durable, Hard Structure, Less Maintenance
Applications Gas Detection
Coverage Area 2-4ft, 4-8ft

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