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Online Gas Detection System ( KD-12)

Simple and reliable gas detector
  • Bright LED Digital display
  • Maintenance Mode Function
  • Programmable alarm relay
  • Proven cosmos gas sensor technology
Cost effective and easy installation
  • Non-intrusive, One-man calibration with relay deactivation feature
  • Screw-less terminal blocks
  • 4-20mA linear Output and on-board relay(standard)
Rugged and compact Design
  • Protection rating IP65(Standard)
  • Size as W158 X H116 X D68mm, Weight 1.2Kg
Environmentally-friendly product
  • Lead free PC board, electronics parts and solders


Model KD-12
Corresponding Sensor Type Hot wire semiconductor type (KD-12A) or Catalytic combusion type(KD-12B)
Sampling Method Diffusion
Alarm Accuracy
  • Combustible gas : +25% of Alarm Set Value
  • Toxic gas : +30% of Alarm Set Value
Alarm Delay
  • Combustible gas : 30s or less at 160% concentration of an Alarm Set Value
  • Toxic gas : 60s or less at 160% concentration of an Alarm Set Value
Waring Display
  • Gas alarm (1st stage only) Red lamp flashes
  • Trouble alarm (sensor breaking, sensor zero drop, power supply voltage error etc.) Yellow lamp flashes
External Output Gas concentration analog signal (direct linear reading of concentration)
  • 4 to 20 mA DC (common to the negative side of power supply)
  • 0.9 mA or less at Trouble alarm
  • The load resistance of analog signal is to be less than 300Ω including interconnection resistance Gas alarm contact (1st stage only)
  • 1a non-voltage relay contact / Non-latching
  • Rated load : 0.5 A at 250V AC or 0.5 A at 30V DC (resistance load)
Gas Concentration Display Four- digit digital LED display (direct linear reading of concentration)
Operation At 4 points of magnetic switches
Cable Connection Screw-less terminal blocks
Explosion-proof Ex d IIC T5 (Japan TIIS), Ex d IIC T6 (China Explosion-proof inspection)
Degree of protection IP65 (internal instrument)
CE Marked Complied with CE Directive 89/336/EEC,92/31/EEC, 93/68/EEC
Applicable Cable Cable outer diameter (10 to 13 mm dia.)
  • 5-conductor cable (power supply, analog signal and gas alarm contact):
  • 3-conductor cable (power supply and analog signal): CVV-S 2mm2
Temperature and Humidity range
  • Temperature :- 10 to 50 degree C
  • Humidity : 10% to 905 (0 to 50 degrees C)

No radical temperature or humidity changes and no condensation
Power Supply 24V DC (18 to 30V DC)
Power Consumption 3 W or less
Dimensions 158(W) X 116 (H) X 68 (D) mm (excluding protrusions)
Weight Approx. 1.2Kg