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Online Gas Detection System (FF-400)

Superior in quality and performance, FF-400 is a high performance gas detection equipment that can be designed as per requirement.

FF 400 is a precision engineered gas detection equipment that comes with a field replaceable unit complete with gas sensor, terminal / junction box, gland and more that can be designed as per requirement. FF-400 is very easy to use and install and the superior design ensures interferences from electric noise, temperature, humidity and pressure.

  • High sensitivity sensor
  • Low maintenance
  • Alarm at function of LEL / TLV
  • Scalable model (1 to 10 channels)
  • Aesthetical looks
  • Water proof, dust proof, FLP closures

Monitor / Alarm Unit

Capacity Upto 10 channels
Power Supply Universal AC input 100-250 AC, 50-60 Hz
Power Consumption 1.5W/ channel-normal operation
Output Driver for Auto shut-off valve, Suction Pump, Annunciation Panel etc.
Enclosure ABS, IP65 weather-proof
Indication Alarm-1 Red LED/ Channel Pilot-1 Green LED
Warm up time <5 minutes
Response time Very quick (depends upon target gas)
Size (WxHxD) 250x250x150 (mm)
Alarm Type Auto-resetting
Alarm level Factory preset-PPM, fraction of LEL/ TLV
Operating Temp. -100C to 500C
Detector Unit
A field replaceable unitcomplete with Gas Sensor, Terminal/ Junction Box and Gland etc.available in following application based configurations
  • Diffusion : Suitable for open air monitoring. Gasflows under natural convention.
  • Suction : Suitable for inaccessible or adverse areaswhere sensors can't be mounted at point of leak. This unit can bemounted upto 10 mtrs. away. Gas sample is sucked by a micro-pumpthrough tube
  • 2-wire DU can be placed upto 50 meters away
  • 3-wire DU can be placed upto 300 meters away
  • WP enclosure suitable for open air non hazardous areas. ABS enclosure with IP66 protection
  • FLP enclosure suitable for classified hazardous areas. LM-6alloy enclosure certified for IIA/ IIB/ IIC gas groups.
  • IP55 protection.

Single most important andexpensive component. Total system reliability and effectivenessdepends upon this. It is important to use right sensor based on application
  • All sensors of high sensitivity (semiconductor / electrochemical)
  • All sensors are sourced from ISO 9001 certified manufacturers of international repute
  • All sensors are carefully selected for the target gas and do not respond to other interfering gases
  • Very low warm up and response times
  • Expected life 2 to 10 years (depending upon sensor type)
  • All sensors are housed in appropriate housing and assembled for enhanced safety and environment protection

LPG/ LNG users, Gas Banks, Hotels, Flight Kitchens, Industrial Canteens, Godowns, Shopping malls, Laboratories, SSI Units, Textile Industries etc.

Optional Accessories
  • HPS100 -High Pitch Sounder. Open area type 110 dB output
  • HF100 -Indoor Hooter Flasher, 85 dB, bright flasher for indoor use
  • HF200 -Outdoor Hooter Flasher, 115 dB, Hi brightness flasher for outdoor use
  • Splash Guard -Sensor accessory to protect it from liquid splashes, dust and high speed winds
  • Battery Back-up -SMF / NiMH batteries and automatic charger provide upto 30 mins of normal operation
  • Auto shut off valve -Solenoid valves for upto 1.5" pipe size
  • Relays -Any number of relays of 1 c/o 1 Amp. rating can be provided
  • Stand for floor mounting
  • Canopy for rain protection