Prism Gas Detection Pvt. Ltd.
Prism Gas Detection Pvt. Ltd.


Online Gas Detection System (B-770)

  • Affordable, feature rich gas detector alarm for industrial use
  • Reliable, pre-calibrated smart sensor for immediate installation
  • Superior performance eliminating false alarm
  • Selectable gas detector head to match your installation site
  • Variety of signals outputs to meet customers needs
  • Compacts body and simple to operate
  • Easy installation and low maintenance
  • Built in self dagnoustic function
  • A wide range of option


Detected gas LP gas | Natural gas
No. of connectable detectors KD-5G, KD-5T,GD-1B,GD-3L | KD-5M
Alarm Type Flashing red lamp (illuminated after alarm shut off), alarm sound, auto- restore type(can be set to self- retention function using DIP switch)
Alarm volume 70dB/m min.
Alarm shut off By pressing a button
Malfunction display Flashing yellow lamp
Display of alarm unit operation Illuminated green lamp
Power source AC100V to AC220V, 50/60Hz (Terminal block type)
Power consumption Approx. 5W when monitoring (maximum)
Approx. 10 W during alarm (maximum)
External output
  • 2-stage voltage(DC6V when monitoring, DC12V during alarm, 0V during error)
  • AC100V to Ac220V during alarm, 1A max. output(35- second output delay with DIP switch)
  • 1a, 1b contacts AC220V,1A max, or Dc24V, 1A max(35-second output delay, can be changed to immediate output with DIP switch)
Operating Temperature Range -10o to 40oC
Dimensions / Weight W138 x H230 x D45 mm / Approx. 480 g
Accessories Inspection gas, Mounting plate, Wood screws, Crimp terminals, hex wrench