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Multi Gas Detectors (XA-900)

  • A range of gas variations are possible by combining detected gases. Fifteen combination patterns are possible.
  • Long service life has been achieved through greatly reduced power requirements. No need to change batteries for 48 hours when using combinations with combustible gases, or for 2,000 hours when using combinations without combustible gases.

  • Pump Unit
    Used as a Extractive type when connected to "Mini" Multi-gas Detector XA-900 series (for one gas and two gases only)
  • Throw-in Set
    Can be used to detect gas in pits or manholes (for one gas and two gases only).


Gas DetectedCombustible gas
(methane or isobutane)
OxygenHydrogen SulfideCarbon Monoxide
Detection PrincipleCatalytic combustionGalvanic cellElectrochemical cellElectrochemical cell
Detection Range0-100%LEL
(1%LEL resolution)
(0.1vol% resolution)
(0.5ppm resolution)
(5ppm resolution)
Indication Accuracy *1±10% of full scale value±0.5vol%±5% of full scale value±10% of full scale value (1-150ppm)
Alarm Set Value1st stage: 10%LEL
2nd stage: 25%LEL
Lower limit: 18.0vol%
Upper limit: 25.0vol%
1st stage: 10.0ppm
2nd stage: 20.0ppm
1st stage: 50ppm
2nd stage: 150ppm
Alarm Accuracy *1±25% of Set Value±1.0vol%±30% of Set Value±30% of Set Value
Response Time30s or less
(90% response)
20s or less
(90% response)
30s or less (90% response)30s or less (90% response)
Concentration Indication3-digit LCD (When two gases are selected, the concentrations are displayed alternately in every five seconds.)
Alarm Indication1st stage: Intermittent buzzer and LCD "AL" part fl ashing
2nd stage: Continuous buzzer and LCD "AL" part lighting
Power Source3xAA (R6) alkaline dry cells
Battery Life *2Combustible gas combined : Up to 48 hours (by alkaline cells); Battery remaining indication : 4-level display in LCD "BATT." part
Combustible gas NOT combined : Up to 2000 hours (by alkaline cells); Low battery : Intermittent buzzer and LCD "BATT." part flashing
Additional FunctionsGas concentration peak hold function, Auto-zero function (except oxygen), Earphone terminal.
Explosion-Proof StructureEx iad IICT4 (with combustible gas) Ex ia IICT4 (without combustible gas)
Operating Temperature Range-10 to 40ºC0 to 40 ºC
Dimensions/WeightW56xH121xD32mm (excluding protrusions) Approx. 165g (excluding batteries)

  • Under identical conditions.
  • Battery life may vary with ambient conditions, conditions of use, storage period, battery manufacturers, etc.
Gas Detected Diffusion Extractive
Combustible gas XA-911 XP-911
Oxygen XA-912 XP-912
Hydrogen sulfi de XA-913H XP-913H
Carbon monoxide XA-913C XP-913C
Combustible gas/Oxygen XA-927 XP-927
Combustible gas/Hydrogen sulfide XA-924H XP-924H
Combustible gas/Carbon monoxide XA-924C XP-924C
Oxygen/Hydrogen sulfide XA-925H XP-925H
Oxygen/Carbon monoxide XA-925C XP-925C
Hydrogen sulfi de/Carbon monoxide XA-926 XP-926
Combustible gas/Oxygen/Hydrogen sulfide XA-936H -
Combustible gas/Oxygen/Carbon monoxide XA-936C -
Combustible gas/Hydrogen sulfi de/Carbon monoxide XA-937 -
Oxygen/Hydrogen sulfi de/Carbon monoxide XA-938 -
Combustible gas/Oxygen/Hydrogen sulfi de/Carbon monoxide XA-948 -
Types printed in bold characters have an explosion-proof structure.