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Prism Gas Detection Pvt. Ltd.
Prism Gas Detection Pvt. Ltd.


Flue Gas Analyzer (Chemist)

The company is one of the leading Manufacturers and Suppliers of Flue Gas Analyzer (Chemist) in Mumbai. The Flue Gas Analyzer (Chemist), offered by the company, is studded with numerous attractive features that not only enhances its performance but also makes it a widely popular product among the clients.

Up To 4 Gas Sensors For Measurement Of

  • O2
  • CO (H2 compensated)
  • NO
  • NO2
  • SO2

Flue Gas Analyzer (Chemist) Also Measures

  • Flue gas Temperature
  • Outdoor air temperature
  • Room temperature
  • Differential temperature
  • Draft and differential pressure
  • Ambient CO and NO

Values Calculated By Flue Gas Analyzer (Chemist)

  • CO2
  • NOX
  • Boiler efficiency
  • Excess air
  • Heat stack loss

Features Of Flue Gas Analyzer (Chemist)

  • Compliant with EN 50379-1
  • Up to 4 measurement cells : O2, CO/H2, NO, NO2 and SO2
  • CO measurement cell with 1 PPM resolution and built in NOX/SOX filter
  • Pre-calibrated gas sensors, field replaceable
  • Flue gas and outdoor air temperature measurement
  • Draft and differential pressure measurement
  • Boiler efficiency calculation
  • Automatic detection of condensing boiler with efficiency calculation
  • CO2, heat stack loss, excess air calculation
  • Ambient CO and NO measurement
  • Gas pipe tightness test
  • High accuracy (± 0.5 Pa) and resolution (0.1 Pa) draft measurement with external accessory
  • 3 consecutive analyses with average calculation and result printout
  • Built in impact printer on plain paper (non thermal)
  • Internal memory for 300 analyses
  • Big blue (42 Ã� 60 mm) graphic LCD backlit with zoom feature
  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries
  • External Charger/Power Supply with AC plug
  • Recharging time : 2 hours up to 90%
  • Up to 15 hours autonomy of continuous operation (no printouts)
  • Up to 40 analysis autonomy (with printouts)
  • Additional dilution pump for CO cell auto range, measurement up to 50,000 PPM
  • Automatic auto-zero with sampling probe in the stack
  • PC software on USB pen drive and USB cable for unlimited data storage on PC
  • Optional Bluetooth communication
  • Self diagnostic function with alarms on gas sensors end-of-life
  • 180, 300, 750 mm flue gas sensor probes
  • 220 mm flexible flue gas sensors sampling probe
  • External condensation trap and dust filter
  • Unbreakable stainless steel probe and hose connections
  • 7 preprogrammed fuels, including pellets and wood
  • 9 additional programmable fuels
  • 7 different languages preprogrammed
  • Neoprene magnetic holster
  • User manual and calibration certificate
  • Dimensions : 307 Ã� 105 Ã� 96 mm
  • Weight : 1.1 Kg.

Additional Features Of Flue Gas Analyzer (Chemist)

  • Gas piping tightness test
  • High accuracy draft measurement
  • Firmware updates available for free

Range Available

  • CHEMIST 400N (O2, CO/H2, NO, NO2) with built in impact printer, rechargeable Li-Ion batteries and dilution pump
  • CHEMIST 400S (O2, CO/H2, NO, SO2) with built in impact printer, rechargeable Li-Ion batteries and dilution pump
  • Both Kits feature also: hard ABS case, power supply with plug, 300 mm flue gas sampling probe with 3 meters hose, water trap with dust filter, Pt 100 outdoor air temperature sensor, differential pressure kit, neoprene holster with magnets, printer paper roll, USB pen drive with software, USB PC connection cable, user manual and calibration certificate


  • Chemist Analyzers offer 2 years warranty, including gas measurement cells which can be easily replaced by the user
  • With initial extra price it is possible to lengthen warranty term of 1 or 2 years, up to maximum of 4 years

Calibration Certificate

  • Chemist Analyzers are supplied with calibration certificate, 1 year validity
  • Customer may buy calibration certificates in each following year


Type Portable Gas Analyzer
Weight 0-5kg
Color Multi Colour
Usage Combustion Gas Anlysis
Driven Type Electric
Features Accuracy, Battery Indicator, Digital Display
Detected gas CO
Automation Grade Automatic
Voltge 6-9VDC

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